Things We Sell

The DVD documenting our 2015 demonstration is now available for sale. $10 per DVD.

Please stop by the school to pick up your copies or order it right here, using Paypal (add shipping/handling costs): Purchase 2015 DVD. // The 2015 demo DVD trailer can be found on the Facebook timeline (posted 3/5/2016) -> 2015 Demo DVD Trailer.

We are proud to present this souvenir T-shirt showing an image of our Grandmaster Alan Lee performing a Chi Kung exercise, signed by Grandmaster Alan Lee. This image is on the front of a high quality 100% cotton black T-shirt. The T-shirt comes in Youth Size 10 (7-8 years old), Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, and Extra Extra Large. The cost is $25 plus shipping for this impressive souvenir T-shirt. This T-shirt is a great gift for friends of our school and followers of martial arts, Kung Fu, Chi Kung, etc. Note that Extra Large shirts are currently sold out but are expected to be re-stocked soon.

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