The Chinese Kung-Fu, Wu-Su Association has been a beacon of traditional martial arts in New York City for 50 years. Our founder, Grandmaster Alan Lee, was one of the first to teach this knowledge openly to all, regardless of race. The school he founded continues to pioneer the instruction of a once obscure art.

In continuous operation since 1967, the Chinese Kung-Fu, Wu-Su Association teaches a highly unique system based on all aspects of traditional Chinese martial arts. This art form has been passed onto thousands of students. Some of them have founded their own schools in the US and abroad while others have gone on to acting and stunt careers. Furthermore, the temple has provided many public and private exhibitions throughout the city and has been the subject of several documentaries and numerous magazine articles.

While we pride ourselves on the physical and mental development that results from training, the ultimate goal of the association is the overall development of the individual. We firmly believe that Kung Fu's highest purpose is to help shape a better person who lives the best life possible.


Special Activity: All Members & Guests Welcome - Chi Kung Lecture 2/26 1-3p

SPECIAL TEMPLE ACTIVITY: CHI KUNG LECTURE 2/26/17 1-3p: All temple members and their guests are invited to attend a Chi Kung Lecture at the temple on Sunday February 26, 2017 from 1p-3p. No uniforms are necessary. Mr. Lee and Tobi Zausner, PhD will be presenting using equipment to demonstrate transfer of energy to human organs and other interesting things. (

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